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Self aligning bearings have two rows of balls and the raceway in the outer ring is spherical. This makes the bearings self aligning. The main benefits are that these self-aligning ball bearings will generate less friction than any other type of rolling bearing, and this enables them to run cooler even at high speeds. 
We have them available with either a cylindrical or tapered bore.

Bearings with a tapered bore will need to be mounted directly on a shaft or on an adapter or withdrawal sleeve. These are available from Best Bearings Online also. Our preferred brand of Self Aligning bearings is from FAG.

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108TV.C3/FAG 8mmx22mmx7mm

108TV.C3/FAG 8mmx22mmx7mm£11.78

108TV/FAG 8mmx22mmx7mm

108TV/FAG 8mmx22mmx7mm£10.93

11204TV/FAG 20mmx47mmx40mm

11204TV/FAG 20mmx47mmx40mm£30.98

11205TV/FAG 25mmx52mmx44mm

11205TV/FAG 25mmx52mmx44mm£39.65

11206TV/FAG 30mmx62mmx48mm

11206TV/FAG 30mmx62mmx48mm£45.30

11207TV/FAG 35mmx72mmx52mm

11207TV/FAG 35mmx72mmx52mm£51.35

11208TV/FAG 40mmx80mmx56mm

11208TV/FAG 40mmx80mmx56mm£58.48

11209TV/FAG 45mmx85mmx58mm

11209TV/FAG 45mmx85mmx58mm£72.63

11210TV/FAG 50mmx90mmx58mm

11210TV/FAG 50mmx90mmx58mm£82.78

11212TV/FAG 60mmx110mmx62mm

11212TV/FAG 60mmx110mmx62mm£104.70

1200TV/FAG 10mmx30mmx9mm

1200TV/FAG 10mmx30mmx9mm£19.88

1201TV.C3/FAG 12mmx32mmx10mm

1201TV.C3/FAG 12mmx32mmx10mm£21.05

1201TV/Major Brand 12mmx32mmx10mm

1201TV/Major Brand 12mmx32mmx10mm£21.80

1202TV.C3/FAG 15mmx35mmx11mm

1202TV.C3/FAG 15mmx35mmx11mm£14.60

1202TV/FAG 15mmx35mmx11mm

1202TV/FAG 15mmx35mmx11mm£21.80

1203TV.C3/Major Brand 17mmx40mmx12mm

1203TV.C3/Major Brand 17mmx40mmx12mm£14.33

1203TV/FAG 17mmx40mmx12mm

1203TV/FAG 17mmx40mmx12mm£21.90

1204TV.C3/FAG 20mmx47mmx14mm

1204TV.C3/FAG 20mmx47mmx14mm£22.15

1204TV/FAG 20mmx47mmx14mm

1204TV/FAG 20mmx47mmx14mm£16.38

1205K.TV.C3/FAG 25mmx52mmx15mm

1205K.TV.C3/FAG 25mmx52mmx15mm£22.48

1205TV.C3/FAG 25mmx52mmx15mm

1205TV.C3/FAG 25mmx52mmx15mm£17.15

1205TV/FAG 25mmx52mmx15mm

1205TV/FAG 25mmx52mmx15mm£16.08

1206K.TV.C3/FAG 30mmx62mmx16mm

1206K.TV.C3/FAG 30mmx62mmx16mm£24.13

1206TV.C3/FAG 30mmx62mmx16mm

1206TV.C3/FAG 30mmx62mmx16mm£20.10

1206TV/FAG 30mmx62mmx16mm

1206TV/FAG 30mmx62mmx16mm£20.10

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