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Loctite products


If you see our Loctite prices beaten anywhere be sure to check whether it is for genuine Loctite – lots of other suppliers supply inferior quality but use the Loctite part numbers – our stock is 100% Genuine Loctite and we do not offer an equivalent.  Loctite is by far the most recognised brand and is the market leader.

All Hazardous items will only be sent by UPS as the royal mail and other carriers have strict guideline to what they carry.

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Loctite 222-10ml

Loctite 222-10ml£8.76

Loctite 222-250ml

Loctite 222-250ml£168.86

Loctite 222-50ml

Loctite 222-50ml£38.60

Loctite 225-50ml

Loctite 225-50ml£34.81

Loctite 2400-50ml

Loctite 2400-50ml£38.43

Loctite 242-250ml

Loctite 242-250ml£204.02

Loctite 243-10ml

Loctite 243-10ml£9.10

Loctite 243-250ml

Loctite 243-250ml£173.28

Loctite 243-50ml

Loctite 243-50ml£40.17

Loctite 248-19g

Loctite 248-19g£15.91

Loctite 262 - 250ml

Loctite 262 - 250ml£124.54

Loctite 268 - 19g

Loctite 268 - 19g£12.07

Loctite 270-10ml

Loctite 270-10ml£8.80

Loctite 270-250ml

Loctite 270-250ml£165.60

Loctite 270-50ml

Loctite 270-50ml£38.73

Loctite 2700-50ml

Loctite 2700-50ml£38.43

Loctite 2701-250ml

Loctite 2701-250ml£172.43

Loctite 2701-50ml

Loctite 2701-50ml£40.16

Loctite 272-50ml

Loctite 272-50ml£39.73

Loctite 275-50ml

Loctite 275-50ml£34.82

Loctite 277-50ml

Loctite 277-50ml£44.56

Loctite 278-50ml

Loctite 278-50ml£39.78

Loctite 290-50ml

Loctite 290-50ml£37.86

Loctite 330-315ml

Loctite 330-315ml£62.61

Loctite 330-50/40ml Kit

Loctite 330-50/40ml Kit£15.25

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Page 1 of 6:    127 Items